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Our services

Sterilization and decontamination


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Sterilization cycle

Our chambers have double doors, to control the flow of sterile and non-sterile products.

The phases :
– packaging
– gas injection
– gas contact
– aeration
are integrated into a single cell for maximum traceability and safety.
– Vacuum cycle in a gas mixture inerted with nitrogen (non-flammable).
– ATEX zone – and appropriate protective equipment for optimum employee safety.

Sterilization process

We sterilize our products using ethylene oxide. The aim of our sterilization process is to inactivate the micro-organisms present on medical devices.

In order to market a sterile product, a sterility assurance level of 10-6 is required.

Ethylene oxide sterilization is widely used to process medical devices.

The process is suitable for heat-sensitive products such as syringes, dressings and tubing.

Action of ethylene oxide

The special feature of ethylene oxide sterilization is that it is carried out at low temperatures between 30 and 60°. This prevents any alteration or deformation of the products.
This gas spreads through the products to destroy any micro-organisms present. For perfect sterilization, OE can pass through several layers of packaging.
Depending on the composition and density of the products, it is necessary to adapt the cycle time, temperature, humidity and gas concentration.


We also offer ethylene oxide decontamination treatment for non-MD products such as piercings and other accessories.

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